IP Camera on your watch

Is this enough to swade Gary to cross over from the dark side and into the light?
Can it be the trigger that causes him to actually see the light for the first time and leave the dark walled garden of Apple and walk in clarity and freedom in the Android world?

I’m being very silly and a little nasty, but just could not resist…..


Anyone using an Android powered smartwatch no longer needs to worry about actually having to pick up their smartphone in order to see what’s going on back home, or in the office while they’re gone.

Now they can do it through the smartwatch.

What am I talking about? The Android app IP Cam Viewer of course, an application that lets users remotely access their video camera, digital video recorder, network recorder and webcam, now supports Android Wear.

In a nutshell, the new app allows you to view streaming video on an Android smartwatch.
Its pretty cool. Somewhat pointless, but cool.

You need to have the app on your phone, remember, the watch is tethered to the phone, so the phone has to be an Android and it has to run the app to connect to the IP camera, it then streams the video over Bluetooth to the watch.

And yes, its a battery hog, no, you can’t see it outside in the sunshine (wait, there is an outside with sun?), but its cool that if you need it, there is an Android way of doing it.

(All jokes aside, once the Apple watch launches next year, it will be available on that watch in no time I’m sure).