Fitness wearable roundup

So. You’re in the market for a new fitness wearable?

Here is a great round up of them.

Like many of you, I work in front of a computer. They’re powerful devices, but they also suck your will to live and trick you into never, ever getting up and going outside. Reasons like that are why fitness trackers were invented.

Over the last few years as Giz’s primary writer for Fitmodo, I’ve had the fortune (or misfortune?) to try almost every fitness tracker that’s come down the pipe. There are hundreds out there, but only a few of them are worth your time.

I’m still waiting for my Kickstarter band to arrive…..
(It’s not on the list).

Anyway, if you are wanting one, and don’t want to go the Kickstarter route, check it out. It’s a great write up and pretty much on point.
(The closing blurb about the Moto360 is wrong. I have one. The heart rate monitor is turned off, we are waiting for Google to turn it on via software).