Internet – everywhere

Wow. Just wow.

Not sure how I feel about this one…….
Its been tried before (Microsoft and the Iridium satellites), but I suspect that they were ahead of their time.
I have a lot of respect for Mr Musk. He knows his space stuff.
Still, thats a lot of money for what….. cute cat videos?
Yeah, I get the whole IoT thing, but Wow.

Elon Musk is apparently set to bring about a plan to launch a bunch of satellites into space with the intention of delivering internet access around the world.

The entrepreneur who is now more famous for his electric cars via the firm he co-founded, Tesla Motors, is no stranger to space shenanigans given that he also founded SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corporation) back in 2002 to explore and perfect rockets and space transport in general.

According to sources who spoke to the Wall Street Journal, Musk has been talking to telecoms entrepreneur Greg Wyler, who founded WorldVu Satellites, which owns chunks of 12-18GHz spectrum, the rights to which Wyler took with him when he left Google to form his own outfit.

That spectrum could be used by a large array of satellites to deploy net access, and apparently Musk and Wyler are proposing to launch something like 700 satellites, a constellation some 10 times the size of the largest existing fleet.

Going to have to watch this one and think about it a bit more.

(One day, soon I will blog about my thoughts on the analog TV white space – to me this makes more sense than satellites, but whadaIknow?).