Cheap WiFi – I need a clone

I really need to get to seeing about either cloning myself or getting an intern, or apprentice – granted, I can’t afford any of them, but… I just need more time and help.

Here is what triggered all that……

A Wifi platform for $3… who wouldn’t want to play with it?
For the last few weeks we have been seeing a lot of awesome projects built around ESP8266 Wifi modules:
These modules come in different shapes and colours and can be purchased from the internet for 3 dollars only.
They are therefore cheap enough to enable many Internet of Things applications like monitoring your home temperature and activity all year round (if you ever need to do that).

What we are talking about is a small module that can hook to a Wifi network and then communicate with a serial device like a small cheap microcontroller.
It’s a major breakthrough that has opened lots of doors for different projects.
Not just the price, but the size and the low power aspects are important…. The most exciting aspect is the fact that it takes the load of the Wifi off the micro.
Wifi has been hard to put into small devices because it’s complicated. It takes some messing about to connect with a Wifi network, for the most part, more than a typical small computer can handle. (This by the way, is a solid reason why SBC’s (Single Board Computer) like the Raspberry Pi are popular and capable. They have enough computing power to run Linux and so can connect to more than one network at a time).
By offloading the whole Wifi thing to a dedicated micro, the other micro is free to do it’s job of whatever it needs too.

I really want to tinker with, oh, I don’t know, about 30-50 of these things… But the time, oh the time that I don’t have to get them up and running.