APIs that continuously learn

Ok, this one is a bit of a head spin……

IBM is… well, take a read and see what you make of it….


What we are talking about here is a computer or software interface to an AI engine.
That’s at the core, then they step it up a notch…..

“…developers of Watson applications need to think in terms of teaching their APIs how to explore and discover relevant data, test them, then create a feedback loop through which Watson can then learn not only what new data has been added to the environment, but also how that data changes the context of other sets of data.”

In other words, its exactly what I have been saying about IoT, Big Data, AI and closing the loop between all three… Teaching AI, giving feedback and giving the data context…. Only it’s on a level that I did not see coming.
We have talked about APIs here in the past (I really should start linking to myself?) and how they are important to get at data and liberate it.
IBM is taking up a notch and saying that even the API can now learn.

Did you catch that?
IBM are ‘forcing’ users of their AI engine, Watson, to make sure that they
‘….create a feedback loop through which Watson can then learn…’