Draw a map to get your data

This one is a little quirky but interesting.


One database. One map.
All data in Plenario exists on a single map and a single timeline, making it incredibly easy to access multiple datasets at once—especially those originally housed at different data portals.
No coding, no NDAs, no navigating government websites older than you are. Accessing the data is as easy as selecting dates and drawing on a map.

What they are saying (selling) is that people want to know about data within a geolocation – so, they are providing a ‘no code’ way of getting it.
Simply draw on their map and it will cough up what ever data you are interested in within that location.

Sounds cool right?
Yeah, cool enough for me to bookmark it, but not use it. Why?
It’s a closed ecosystem. I can’t add my data to their database. (Well, not easily).
I bookmarked it because I don’t think it would be all that hard to re-create in a much less refined, but more personally usable form.

If nothing else it gave me pause to think about how to extract data from a data source (database). Humans are visual, we are space aware. We care about what’s around us or over there, a map is an interesting way to find out what is happening in said location.