Write a program with your phone camera

This is just astonishing.


For makers who have an idea for the next killer app but lack the programming skills to build it themselves, United Kingdom-based startup Marvel has developed software to let you quickly prototype and share a tappable demo of your big idea – no code required. With the free Marvel app, you can take sketches, wireframes or Photoshop files and layer in ‘hotspots’ that work just like a clickable button to open new pages and add transitions between pages.

Any jpeg, gif, psd or png file becomes a screen in your app and can be linked to others via the hot spots. Even those doodles on the back of a cocktail napkin can be photographed via your device and instantly uploaded to become a new page in your creation.

In short, sketch your user interface on a bit of paper. Take a photo of it.
Import that photo into their software and you can start to interact with your drawn interface and see if you like how it works.
Zero code.

No question I will be taking a deeper dive on this one.

[There is a whole conversation to be had about programming languages and software development tools/environments – now is not the time for that one – I’m just blown away by the fact that you can interact with a photo so seamlessly.]