A wearable shirt – bio clothes

Oh, I am all over this!


Shut up and take my money!

My heart is moving at 52 beats a minute and my lungs are cycling through 17 inhales and exhales per minute as I write this post. Earlier today during a treadmill run, the picture was completely different: A peak of 171 beats and 42 breath cycles a minute.

I’m not getting this data from a strap, band or a watch. It’s actually coming from a shirt.

Put this shirt on, load up your iOS app (yeah, thats the deal breaker for me right there – I’m an Android guy, not an Apple guy), and you can start getting your body metrics from your shirt!!!!!

It has heart rate, breathing and activity level (aka, movement) all built in.
Not only that, but it looks like something you would actually want to wear!
Best thing of all, we are not talking future, its here and now.

Sure, at 200 bucks for the first shirt and 70 bucks after that, it’s a little steep now, but the price will come down. (Also, keep in mind that you can pay – easily – 50 bucks for a workout shirt…. I don’t, Freddy gets mine from the Op shop (thrift store-USA) and pays around 4 bucks each!).

Anyway, point is, it’s great to see something other than just the usual worn out wearable / smart watch / wrist band thing… but, yes, it’s yet another app in your phone.

EDIT. Before this blog was published, another shirt maker is claiming they are the first to make a bio-shirt.

I don’t care whos first or not, my point is, bio-clothing for the quantified self is coming. Ready or not.