Conference tracking

Creepy cool.

Some of you readers no doubt have been to the odd conference, trade or otherwise. The usual badge wearing and swapping of business cards is core at those kinds of things…..
It’s only logical then that the next step be taken, and make it a lot more seamless…..

Business cards are already giving way to tap-to-send contact sharing apps, and now even those apps are getting an upgrade from location-aware wearables like the Loopd badge.

Designed with conferences and other networking-centric gatherings in mind, Loopd offers small, inexpensive Bluetooth Low-Energy beacons that give every attendee a unique digital identifier. By tracking each badge’s connections with other badges and with stationary beacons, the Loopd software can keep track of every wearer’s location in real time and provide detailed analytics on a complete event.

It’s pretty simple really, you just wear the tag and forget about everything.
Your every contact, trade stand visit, personal meetup in the isale, even your visit to the food (and yeah, probably restroom) stand will be tracked and you can review it later – along with everyone else.

It’s based on iBeacon tech. You wear the beacon and the conference space has a bunch of receivers around the hall and log every signal strength of each beacon as it moves around the space.
If you stop and talk to someone, the system will see that your beacon and someone elses beacon are in the same place for the same amount of time and presto, it will link the two of you….. Yum.

I can see how it’s going to add a lot of value to the exhibits, and the folks that run the conference, but personally…… I just don’t know if I am ready for such a thing.