Flawless Internet

Remember when a light switch turned the lights on and off?
Yeah, me neither…..


“In the past, hardware existed without software. You think about the founding of GE and the invention of the light bulb — you turned it on and you turned it off. Zero lines of code. Today, we have street lighting systems with mesh networks and 20 million lines of code,” says Ruh. “Machines used to be completely mechanical. Today, they are part digital. Software is part of the hardware. That opens up huge possibilities.”

Love the thought of how a light switch is zero lines of code… When I read that, I was shocked at my reaction… ‘Really?!’
I had to double take / think to make sure that the statement was true.
Just too used to having even simple things have some sort of software attached to them.
(Quick example, you can’t turn my garage light on and off without a web browser – its true – the light switch only exists on a web page).

“People today assume they have a certain set of inalienable rights, such as the right to see water flowing when they turn on the tap and the right to see the lights go on when they touch a switch. People feel very strongly about those rights, and they will get upset when they feel that their basic needs aren’t met,” Ruh says.

Is the industrial Internet — the Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything — prepared to deliver that kind of service? Are products designed for the new age of smart devices capable of delivering on expectations such as continuous improvement, 24/7 reliability, and zero installation?

How solid is your Internet connection? When was the last time it went out? Do you remember what happen? How it got fixed? How long was it out?
What about your power? Did your internet stay up when the power went out?

The thought of a 100% reliable network is truly scary, but thats what all of us are building our lives around….. And if you think this does not include you, think again.
Your bank relies on the Internet. No web surfing, no money. It really is as simple as that.
That’s just one quick off the top of my head example…..

Remember when you used a light switch to turn the lights on and off?
Yeah, me neither.