Need a lawn mower?

This one is in the sure-why-not catagory……

Remember the tool that the space station needed, so NASA designed it on the ground and emailed the file to them, they used their 3D printer to make it in space? (I blogged about it a while back, but can’t link to unpublished blogs).

This one is much the same.
Guy has large 3D printer in garage, makes lots of things, thinks to himself, ‘Wonder if I can print a lawn mower?’

Visit the link to see a photo of it…. Not bad, not bad at all.
It cost him about 13 bucks to print the whole thing…..

3D printing is not going to go away.
More stuff is going to pop up, yes, a lot of it will be prototype stuff, but in time, homes will have them and we will be able to print off day to day use stuff, like plates, knives and forks for example.

People are working on printing electronic parts, so once that happens… next time you lose the remote control, don’t bother looking in the Coco Pops box, just print another one.