Meteor showers to order – whaaaa?

This should not have surprised me as much as it did…..

In recent months there have been a few snags with the preparations for the 2020 Olympic games to be held in Tokyo. Poorly planned stadiums and allegations of copyright infringement have really been taking the wind out of everyone’s sails for what is usually an auspicious event.

At this point it might take a magical feat of celestial beauty to lift people’s spirits, like a thousand multi-colored shooting stars descending at once over the site of the games during their opening ceremony. But while they’re predictable, those hard-headed events known as meteor showers tend not to occur at our mere beck and call.

However, now a small team in Japan has nearly completed creating an artificial meteor shower that can be seen anytime and anywhere you want, and which may even be brighter and more colorful that the real thing.

So yeah, they are talking about on demand meteor showers.
Just given them a truckload of money, a few months warning, and you too can have your meter shower on demand…..

Exactly what is coming of the world we live in…??? It’s not enough to look up in wonder and awe… we have to click a button and make it happen just when we want……