Wee bit of solar data

I have some solar data trickling into the system…..
Right now the Opto controller is sitting on the outside lounge suite because Freddy has not yet chosen her seat/cupboard which it will be installed (hidden) into. Also there might be a network cable strung from the garage, through the kitchen, into the dining room, across the floor and up through a window in the lounge… oddly enough it comes out right near the outside lounge suite. What’s the chances of that?

At the moment I have nothing more than a few temperatures and the first panel voltage.
The grid tie inverter (and network cables) arrive this afternoon.
I will not have time to do anything with it before sun set, so it can all wait till Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Here is what I am seeing thus far.

groov solar first bit of data

Interesting because you can clearly see the solar panel voltage (yellow pen) drop as soon as the temperature of the panel goes up.
Not a lot. Around 2%, but also this is with no load. (The green line is amps, it’s at zero).

Check out that solar panel temperature…. we saw a max of 70.3C on the back of the panel (That’s 160F). Phew.

Anyway, just thought I would share it with you lot.
The Amazon order should get the power from one panel (255w) going into the system. I am working on the math to give me a number of how efficient the inverter is and of course I will have it sensored up so we will lots of data from it.

The other two panels (around 500 watts) will take a little longer to get going, but we will get there… In the mean time I have some software and groov graphics to get sorted.