Wet winter inbound.

NASA just announced that this year’s El Nino is, and I quote, too big to fail.

Here is a sanitized news report that gives the USA view on things.


Bottom line, no, I am not putting the roof back on the car.
I will probably fit the original doors back on, that will not take long to do
but the roof is a major pain to refit, so, for now, it stays off… Note however, I reserve the right to change my mind on that one.
Freddy and I have already talked about how we are going to manage the car’s in the rain, so we are mentally prepared.

The thing to note is that unlike Australia, California is not set up to capture rainfall as a water source. We rely on snowpack and the resulting melt of said snow.
So a ton of rain is only going to do a lot of damage, and nothing to help the drought. (And to top it off, the rain is too warm to fall as snow, so we are no better off next year).

I hear that as a result of the same ocean warming, Australia is going to have a pretty warm summer.