Heart rate monitor.

I’m yelling… No, screaming… I am full force, full volume screaming at the computer!
Just got an email to tell me that one of my most desired Indiegogo projects has sold out on us backers.
It was a stick on heart rate monitor. EKG heart rate, body temperature, movement, skin conductivity and respiration. All via Bluetooth to my phone.
It had software hooks into my running app (Strava).

It ran late, but it looked the goods, we were getting updates every week, the product was coming along nicely. At one stage it looked like I was going to get it in time to hit the Canyon hike, but that came and went.

Then the dreaded silence. I (and many others) thought they had hit a technical hitch.
Then the email….. They found that there was medical applications for the device and they felt that this was the better avenue for them to explore rather than health and fitness. So they pulled the plug on everything and everyone and are changing directions.

They are offering a lame refund, which of course I have applied for.

The thing is this.
1. I paid for a product. They created the product with my money.
2. They got a better offer, they followed their greed and went with the money.
3. I don’t get my product.

That’s it. I am screaming because they only care about the money. Not the people.

You probably don’t remember, but I blogged about this project a while back and one of the main things I wanted it for was to measure my stress.

So now I am stressed about not being able to measure my stress.