Melting glaciers

I am NOT going to be drawn into the whole global warming thing!
(Just so we are clear, you NOT going to get me started on the whole debate about global warming).

I also know that I am waaaaaaaay behind on the Grand Canyon hike part 2 and any mention of our time in Glacier National Park. They are still on my to-do list radar, so just hang in there……

In the mean time… I found this really interesting.

The kicker for me was the very bottom line…..

Glacier National Park in Montana is expected to be glacier free by the year 2030 if present warming trends continue.

I guess it is pretty meaningful for me after having been there and seen one of them (we wanted to hike to see a few others, but ran out of time).
That said, I think the before and now photos are powerful enough that even if you have not been there, they will still make you stop and wonder.