Be careful what you photograph

So I hear that some Aussies had a day off for a horse race….
Holidays, don’t get me started about holidays (But, I have to admit, since we are not heading home so much, we are able to do a few more things over here which has been really really nice, but it’s still a constant battle to get some down time).

Anyway, this story is what prompted this blog…..

A Perth, Australia woman named Chantelle attended the prestigious Melbourne Cup horse race yesterday and placed a 100-to-1 bet on Prince Of Penzance. When that horse won the race, Chantelle’s ticket was worth $825.

To celebrate, Chantelle posted a selfie of herself with her ticket on Facebook:

What she didn’t realize was that the barcode in the photo can be used at an automated machine to claim the winnings, and that’s exactly what someone did after seeing the photo.

So yeah, she is out the money. Major downer to the day.

I feel bad for her, but want to push the lesson home with this news story from a September….

THE TSA IS learning a basic lesson of physical security in the age of 3-D printing: If you have sensitive keys—say, a set of master keys that can open locks you’ve asked millions of Americans to use—don’t post pictures of them on the Internet.

Those photos first began making the rounds online last month, after the Washington Post unwittingly published (and then quickly deleted) a photo of the master keys in an article about the “secret life” of baggage in the hands of the TSA. It was too late. Now those photos have been used to derive exact cuts of the master keys so that anyone can reproduce them in minutes with a 3-D printer or a computer-controlled milling machine.

So yeah, please keep in mind that anything you show in a photo can be used in all sorts of ways.
A simple Google on the topic shows all sorts of exploits on bar codes, QR codes, coupons and physical objects.

A our house we always, A.L.W.A.Y.S, mock the anti piracy notice that plays on the start of a lot of DVD’s and Blu Rays… If you have seen it you know it… The bit about stealing a car, and not downloading movies, we rip it and say, “well, actually, you can download a car now days”…. (Another topic for another blog).

The point is, if you can see it, you can copy it.
Be mindful of what you pictures you post online.