USB powered computer killer

This is a very very very very very very very bad idea……
And if you are a regular to this blog, you know how much I love crowd funded projects…..–2#/story

This idea has been around for a few years, it is a USB memory stick sized object that contains not memory, but a power supply that is powered from the USB slot, in other words, USB slots get their power from the computer motherboard.
What does this USB stick do with that power? It charges up capacitors that are built inside of it….
Here is where the really nasty stuff comes in… Once the caps are charged to around -110vDC, the USB stick then dumps that back into the USB slot…..
Yeah, exactly. Said voltage effectively kills the motherboard. Kills it dead.

The notion that you can now pledge 100 bucks and get one of these things is just nuts.
At least while you had to build it, the deployment of said USB stick would be limited.
Now, any kid can get one and go for a walk to the nearest computer store and look pretty average just plugging in a USB stick to each computer, which seems to turn off just as he pulls the stick out….

Anyway, its a sick idea from the start, and to put it out there, to make money from it, is just lame.
(I mean, lets be honest, you are not buying it to deliberately destroy your computer are you….)