Working jet pack

For some time we looked at making a working model jet turbine, talked about it with a few people, but ended up getting interested in electric aircraft.
But, like most things that I have a passing interest in, we sorta keep reading about it, if only lightly, whenever we see it.

Years ago, some guys strapped 4 turbines to a small wing and did some flying around with them.
They have refined it to the point they feel comfortable flying next to a jumbo jet in them.

It is more of an extended falling effect that actual flying it would seem. Mostly because the wing is too small to be efficient, and also because even 4 turbines do not make enough thrust to keep a human flying.

Then you have this guy.
But the thing is, he has only 2 turbines.
There is some question about if this real or an elaborate fake.

This guy is taking a more longer running approach… With the twin fans, he can fly for some 30 minutes.
It is also more believable given the size of the ducted fans and the tech needed to steer it being more fins and blades than weight shifting.

Don’t know. Not my job to dig into this stuff to prove or disprove it… I am just interested in flying.

Case in point, Terry and I went for a drive in the Smart Car this past weekend and drove past the Werner Springs glider port, they were actively flying at the time, so we stopped.
I was kinda embarrassed that it was Terrys first time up close to a glider.
We hung around and watched the tugs tow them up and watched a few landings.
Inside the little hanger they have was the usual ‘sign up for a flight’ area. We took a brochure and promised ourselves that we would save up and have a go.
Terry wants to just fly in a glider…. Me, I want to pay the extra 40 bucks and take a test flight in this baby…..

And thus we go in a full circle… I love all things electric, and to fly in an electric glider would be a highlight!