Now web photos can be a virus

This is super interesting and somewhat technical.
Due to its technical nature, I have sat on this blog for a while trying to decide if I was going to jump in and explain it, or just post it…it is just so interesting to me that I really want to talk about it. But. Since I have a bit of a backlog, it’s going to be a dump and run.

Bottom line is this. They have figured out a way to encode/embed web browser code in an image.
When your browser views that image, it executes the code.
This is bad because no one expects code to be in an image.
This is bad because it is going to take anti virus software a long time to catch up.
This is bad because even when the virus software comes up with a test for it, it will slow down loading web pages, because each and every image will need to be checked as it comes in and before your browser displays it.

So yeah, your pc can be pwned (owned) by a cat picture. Welcome to the Internet.