Virtual you for eternity

Every time I blog I wonder how much I should give my thoughts on the thing I am blogging about… My mate Matt (BA) tells me that I should speak my mind because it’s my blog and people read it to find out what I think about said blog… Others (nameless to protect them) have said, no, just tell me what’s new and tell me about stuff I would never find on my own….. Don’t add any commentary… So I duno.

None of that really has anything to do with this blog, other than this topic really made me sit back and think hard about what I thought of this.

Today in my RSS feed popped up a post about companies are springing up that are, or plan to, using AI to learn about you now, so that when you die, your AI can live on.

Liveson focuses on Twitter. They look at what you have tweeted in the past, and track each tweet and like now while you are alive and builds a profile of you. When you stop tweeting, it takes over for you.
Their motto? “When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting”.
Slightly AIish.

These guys are less about AI and just storing messages for later release on Twitter and Facebook. A kind of time vault. There are many of these services around since they are nothing more than a reminder (usually via email) every week or so, if you don’t reply, it unlocks your vault of social stuff and that is that.

This is the big one.
These guys are the one that want to keep an AI version of you around for a long time. They want to read your past Tweets, Facebook, Instagram, Emails and everything you let them have. On top of that, you interact with the AI (your AI?) for around 10 minutes a day (not at once, spread out) and it learns you. All it can, about you.
When you’re gone. You’re not really offline for very long before your AI kicks in and keeps the ball rolling. Your ball.

Just try and let that sink in. An AI that Tweets and posts on Facebook and Instagram just like you would……. WHOA.