Australia is the new USA?

What is going on down there?
I leave town for 7.65 years and you lot lose the plot?
Why am I yelling at my computer? (Again).

….that’s the future that kids in Australia are facing after a local politician issued a sternly worded statement banning electric hoverboards, warning that they are unsafe and illegal to ride on public roads.

One month out from the festive season, New South Wales Minister for Roads Duncan Gay admitted to being a “Christmas Grinch” but cautioned that parents should keep safety in mind when considering buy the battery-powered toys.

To kick the Christmas cheer up a notch, the Minister warned that people found using a hoverboard on the road face a AU$637 fine ($463), or AU$319 ($232) for using it on a footpath.

Clearly, people do not know how to respect other people, so the government has to step in and do it for us. Nice.

There are so many angles working here that I am getting tired of all the zig zagging. Bottom line is this. Australia sure sounds a lot like the land of the apple pie. Sue happy and legislated to death…..

It is a two wheel electric skateboard. Nothing more, nothing less.
I’m suddenly feeling quite sad.