Drone takes an eye

This is so sad… A guy that loves drones, just having a quick flight out the front of his house, clips a tree, the drone comes down and hits his neighbour…. In this case a small child. The still spinning blades cuts his eye to the point where he loses it.


Evans has reportedly been forgiven by the family for the “awful accident” and said he has not flown another drone since: “I look at the drones in the garage and I feel physically sick.”

I would love to get back to flying RC, but honestly, all these drone stories are part of what keeps me out of it.
I plan to get a very small one to fly inside. In fact, I plan to pay for Trevor to send his damaged drones down to me and I am going to see if I can get 1 working from the three dead ones he has….. All part of the fix rather than buy new.