See, I told you so

A few days back, I ranted about the Raspberry Pi Zero.
You can read about it here.

The central part of my rant was that there was zero connectivity on the Zero.
And on cue, we have this……

Please check out the photo. Pretty please.
Ugly isent it.
The thing is, it is not the guys fault, his work and soldering is really spot on… No, this is 100 percent the Raspberry Pi foundation’s fault. They built a computer with zero connectivity.

Computers these days NEED to be connected (Gary’s pie in the sky dreams aside).
They just do.

If the Pi people had just put a full size USB connector on the board along with the micro USB port, there would be a glint of hope, but they did not even do that.
So, we have to buy these;

Glad they come in a 5 pack.

So yeah, I still have no idea why they gave the Zero zero.
But I told you so.
Computers need to be connected.
They just do.
Oh, and I told you so.