Apple watch follow up

Back in April I predicted the Apple watch was DOA (for me).

I was wrong. Way wrong.
They sold a bunch of watches, more than all other smartwatches combined.
But, I was right. For some, it had the same issues that I had found with my Android Wear watch.

What would make these unhappy Apple Watch owners happier? Some of the suggestions captured by Wristly included:

Slimmer design with a tougher case.
Longer battery life.
Improve the battery, make it more affordable, decrease the size.
Make it faster, add more sensors, add more watch faces, and better battery life.
Always-on watch face, thinner styling, more health sensors.

The main point I hit on was the lack of an always on display.
And sure enough that was one of the most quoted reason that people gave up on the watch. It just is not a watch if you have to tilt it to view it.

I am not going to take up a job predicting tech, so we can all rest easy on that front, but I thought it was interesting enough to blog.