Weather service hack

Seems the Australian weather service has been compromised.

According to a government official quoted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, China is responsible for a breach at the Bureau of Meteorology, which may have allowed attackers to gain access to sensitive national security data. The Australian weather bureau hosts a high-performance computing center used by multiple government agencies and has network connections to Australia’s Department of Defence.

This sort of thing is going to happen more often as services become more connected to share data.
The example of getting into a home network via a light bulb is often touted as a real possibility.
Another example, I have just bought (plan to put into service in the next few days) Ethernet over powerline adaptors. They are supposed to be so powerful that my neighbours could see my network traffic on their power outlets (GPO for Aussies). I have to make sure that I turn security on so no one can sniff or spoof my network data.

What sort of world do we live in exactly?