Putting the roof back on

Right, that’s it!
I have read enough, I am putting the Smart Car roof back on (for a few months).


After setting a record for a single-week period in mid-November, El Niño has continued to produce record warm temperatures in the Pacific Ocean. This climate pattern, characterized by an abnormal warming of the equatorial Pacific Ocean, has already contributed to a large number of weather effects around the planet, including increased hurricane activity in the Pacific Ocean and heat across much of the United States.

This El Nino just won’t die. In fact, it is getting stronger!
Rather than shuffle cars with Freddy for 3-4 months I am just going to roll over and admit that El Nino wins. The roof is going back on along with the doors.

The Pacific Ocean is bigger than my Smart Car. There, you happy now that I have said it out loud?