Grand Canyon 2015 Part 4

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A day’s rest did both Freddy and Terry the world of good.
We were all up and getting ready to do the very quick hike back to Bright Angel campground before sunrise… Part of it was Freddy was really worried about the heat, and she was also still a bit worried about her feet.

Freddy was wearing my hiking boots, I was in my what-are-you-taking-them-for-sneakers and so she was off like crazy before Terry was fully packed, so I hung around and took some pictures of him packing up.

I figured it would be a long while before the two of us get a chance to come back and since one regret I have is not having enough photos of me with my Dad doing stuff together, we took the chance for a pretty epic selfie (dualie?).

We are only going a really short distance, one that we had already covered a few times getting water, so we might have stopped a bunch of times and taken a heap of photos…..

Here is a shot of Terry on the trail… Just check out the rock cliffs!


We were slowly catching up to Freddy, here is a shot of her on the trail ahead of us.
Can you see her?

One of the other things I love about the Clear Creek trail is that you get to look over the river and see the South Kaibab trail. Not many people get a look at it from this angle.

(Please click to bigafy).

Before long, we found our way back to Bright Angel campground.

out of clear creek

There are two things of interest at Bright Angel.
The first is a thermometer. Which speaks for itself. Have I mentioned it was hot?


The second thing is that there is a creek.