Grand Canyon 2015 Part 5

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It was hot. Really hot.
The hiking for the day was supposed to have been much longer, but turned out to be pretty short, so we had some time to kill.
Did I mention there was a creek?
What is the best thing to do with a creek when it is a really really really hot day?

Yeah. Sit in it.


So we did. For a good while.


Once Freddy and I were done, Terry sat some more.


Our clothes dried out super quick, so it was not a big deal to get so wet.
Most of the campers took a dip at some stage through the day. But since they limit the number of people to the number of campsites, it never gets too busy.

Terry is really getting into chess, and I knew that we would have some down time, so I took a little travel chess set with me.
The look on his face when I pulled it out and asked him if he wanted a game was totally worth the weight to lug it down and back.
We got a few looks from other campers as well, mostly disbelief that someone would carry a chess set into the Grand Canyon, but eh, it was really cool to have a few games.


So that’s how day 3 went.
We just sat, ate, talked and hung out.


Before long the plan for the next day was clear.
Get up well before sunrise and get the last days hike done before things got hot.