Physical blackmail from a cyber hack

I did not blog about it, but wrote an offline ‘paper’ on it….
The Ashley Madison hack. You have probably heard about it, but just in case… It was an online ‘dating’ website. The twist was that it encouraged you to cheat on your spouse. Their motto was ‘life is short, have an affair’.
Ok, not very nice, moving on….. They got hacked. Big time. Millions of account names, passwords, addresses, GPS locations and chat history was leaked into the public interwebs.
A bunch of people got outed, there were some suicides, public shaming and well, the fall out still continues.
Now the physical blackmailing has begun.

It is not that long of a read, and I can not cut/paste the text from the letter since it is an image, but please follow the link and read the letter.

That is just a little bit scary.
Ok, that is very very scary.

Now, granted, most of us were not on the Ashley Madison website, so we are not going to get letters like this, also, most of us live lives that we are happy to tell our friends and spouses about….. But, what if our online lives lead to a letter like this?

Man, there are some seriously deranged people in the world.