The Scorched Trials

1.5 / 5

We enjoyed the maze runner a lot. To the point where we bought it on Blue-Ray and have re-watched it a few times.

This part 2 is not even a scratch on it.
It is still playing and I am writing this review…. Tempted to put a zero point five on it, but there are one or two bits that had some hope.

Big caution if you have (young) kids, there are bits of this movie that I would class as ‘horror’.
Bits of it really descend into zombie horror movie, along with some really adult ‘stuff’ (kids committing suicide)….. I was not impressed and that’s why it almost got a zero (turned it off before we got done). Thankfully they did not draw those bits out too long, but they were in there and it was not pleasant and it was not necessary.

There is no way we will own this one.
Part three of the series has a LOT of work to do to make up for this mess.