Network issues at home

Just a super quick post, to give you blow by blow would take hours to type!

Yesterday (Sunday) my home Asus router died on the WAN (Internet) port.
Long story short, had to nick down to the local Best Buy to get another router….. Replacing it turned into a 11 hour saga that is still not over some 24 hours latter…..

Long story short, the new router (Linksys) has some issues and so will be going back for a refund, but I still need a router….
Am looking at my options, including a little MicroTik device that Dan gave me.

The point of all this is yes, I know my website has been offline here and there, and yes, it will probably drop in and out a little over the next 2 days. I will try and keep the outages as short as possible, but I am fighting with Verizon and their stupid policy of binding the router MAC address to their fibre optic cable modem. You need to ring their automated tech support line to get them to release it and the computer does not understand my accent….. DO NOT GET ME STARTED!