Seawater antenna

Kinda bemused by this one….

Mitsubishi has developed an unusual alternative to conventional antennae, and it uses seawater instead of metallic conductors. The new system called SeaAerial shoots conductive plumes of seawater into the air to emulate a tall tower and transmit/receive radio-frequency waves.

The company developed a special nozzle to spew out the seawater plumes, since they need to be insulated to work. It also had to determine the plume diameter ideal for transmitting signals and managed to compute for a size that achieves a 70 percent efficiency. Since SeaAerial is comprised of only two components (a pump and an insulated nozzle), it can be installed anywhere where seawater is accessible.

A more perfect example of a solution seeking desperately for a problem would be hard to come by.

I mean, full marks to them. It is very clever and compact and all, but what in the world would you use it for….. and more of a question in my mind.. what sort of pub trash talk-dare went down for someone to even come up with the idea???