Network issues at home – cant phone home

From almost the first week we moved to The States, every Tuesday night I have called my Dad. We used the VOIP (phone over Internet) phone since it was registered in Ballarat, it is a local call for me.
Keep in mind that we have been here seven point something years, so it has been a pretty regular occurrence…..

Last night, pretty sure for the first time ever, I could not phone home because of technical difficulties.
Seems that the new (very very temporary) router is blocking the SIP protocol that is required for my phone to reach the server in Ballarat.

Here is a screenshot of my network as it currently stands….
network down

Two things, yeah, I have a software package that monitors all the devices on my network for me…. What? You don’t?… wow… weird man….
Second thing, red is bad, green is good… The current state of my network is a shambles.

The current plan is that my mate Dan is going to rescue my sorry mess.
We are looking at putting a Mikrotik router into play…. bit of a learning curve, but I think the flexibility and tools it offers is going to set me up for a very long time and give me the features that I have been wanting for ages.

In time, I should even be able to phone home. Sorry I missed the call Dad, but we are working on it as hard and as fast as we can….