Google Project Sunroof

This one is pretty interesting if you are into solar (or are thinking about getting it).

Google are rolling out a website that shows the amount of sun that YOUR roof will get.

It is very personal and as such does not cover every city in the world (yet).
I actually heard about it about a year back, signed up for it and then had to wait so long that I forgot….. Got an email out of the blue a short while ago, Temecula is now covered. Cool.

The deal is that they will run the numbers and tell you how much solar your location can expect.
The really cool thing is that they also do some math on the visuals of your roof, so you can see shade and which parts of your roof get the most sun.
Here is an example of our street.

google sunroof

From this image, I can see that were I currently have my solar panels located is THE WORST possible location I could put them. Sweet! (Or not).

From there, they then offer details of people that service your area with respect to solar.
(I’m sure this is where they make money, hooking up customers and businesses).

Not sure how long it will take them to get downunder, but, check it out, its pretty interesting if only from the aspect of big data.