Russian Standard Vodka

Huh, go figure… I put off blogging about Vodka for the longest time because I thought that no one would be all that interested, and because I thought it did not really fit in with a techy geeky blog….. Seems I was wrong…
(Yeah yeah, I know, I know, you want to hear about what interests me…. hey, it’s my blog, why would I blog about me!)


Anyway, a few of you have emailed me off line and asked what is a good solid Vodka.
So, here then is my daily drinker….

This is a bottle of Russian Standard Vodka.
There are three levels of this stuff, the stuff that suggest you start with is, The Standard.
This bottle is one level up from that, it is the Platinum.
The last is Gold. I have not yet had the gold, but am pretty excited to have a crack at it.
It just so happens that I do not have a bottle of the Standard in the house at the moment to photograph, I have been enjoying this Platinum for a while.

How does it rate?
The Standard is a solid 3 /5. I almost want to put it at a 3.3 / 5 but honestly, while the Standard is a great intro to a drinkable Vodka, you really need to be keeping it in the freezer.
The Platinum is a big step up. It gets you into the 3.75 / 5 range. Very nice. Nice enough to just keep this stuff in the fridge.
Really looking forward to trying the Gold at some stage (soon!).

And, to save you the work, I checked, you can get it in Australia!
They also have the gold, but I did not see the Platinum…. It also looks like you guys are paying a lot more for it downunder…. We plonk down around 20 bucks tops for it here.
We will keep an eye on the Dan Murphy Vodka list and see if we can find a nice 3/5 for a little less coin (but wow, he sells some really crap Vodka by the look of it!).

So there you have it. Not a bad way to start the list… my current favorite daily drinker!

Cheers, or should that be tva-jó zda-ró-vye (your health!).