Windows 10 leaks – BIG time

There are so many words that have been said about the whole way Microsoft went about its Windows 10 update, you really don’t need me adding to the noise. Just do a quick Google on the topic (hint, you get the choice, ‘Update Now. Update latter’ – yeah, some choice).

The one thing that has sorta been mentioned, but not as much is just how much data Windows 10 throws around in the background once it is up and running.
It comes down to two things for me, firstly, the arrogance that they think everyone has an unmetered Internet connection (and a fast one at that) and that of “what you can’t see can’t hurt you”.

Once you unknowingly download 100+ mb of data under the guise of your current version of Windows updates and find that you really have had an entire operating system stuffed down your connection (without your consent)… Once you get past that, and you do the update, everything looks fresh and clean.

It’s Windows 10, everything is in a different place and its all exciting and your getting used to things… who then, thinks about looking at their data at a packet level and look at whats going back and forth between your computer and Microsoft???
Who has the tools to do that even?
It is a pretty small percentage of the population let me give you the tip.

So, here we are.

There you will find a big long table of ‘technical data’ (and some swear words in the comments below the tables).

So, just to quickly summarize, that’s 3967 connection attempts to 51 different Microsoft IPs.

This is for a clean stock install of Windows 10, it was not being used at all.

Not sure what you consider normal, but three thousand, nine hundred and sixty seven connections is a bit much from where I stand.

What can we do about it is the topic of another blog on another day.