Network issues at home – back to stock Asus firmeware

The router has crashed around 3-4 times (I am losing track) in the past 30ish hours.
So, we have reset it back to stock Asus firmware.
This is part one of a two part plan…. If it lasts until Sunday morning (a record if it does), it gets a stay of execution. If it crashes again with the same symptoms, then we are taking it back to Best Buy and getting another, the same (hopefully they have one in stock).

Leaving the new one at stock for a week or three to see how it goes.

So, thats the two part plan.
See if the third party firmware was the issue.
See if I just got a dud router.

I just want a router that is reliable and that I can live with. Seems too much to ask at this point in time….