Drone racing – first win

Back February we blogged about drone racing.
We blogged about it twice, once to introduce it, and then again to say how hard it was.
Well, this past weekend, the first world championship race was held in Dubai and it was won (fittingly?) by a 15 year old.

It’s a two minute video, nice overview of the track and how they set things up.

The track looks pretty amazing. It would not have been cheap to build, but I think you really need something like it to make it compelling for the spectators.
I also found it interesting that some of the spectators also had first person video viewers so they could race along with the pilots.
If it were me, I know for a fact that I would have got motion sick. Big. Time.

Anyway, looks like it was a ton of fun and I am sure the kid had a tiny bit left over from the 250,000 prize after he covers costs.

Drone racing. It looks like it is here to stay and will only get bigger.
(Crystal ball time….. Schools will try and hold races or have clubs that race, but lawyers will shut it down. Also automated drone racing will become a thing for universities and the like).