Raspberry Pi 3 – now with added Wifi and BLE !!!!!!

I should have blogged about this the day it happen, but I was rather busy (yah for scheduled blog posts), so we get to hear about it a week and a bit latter.

Enough to say, I let out a big heavy sigh and said ‘About time’. (Actually, that’s not exactly what I said – but in the interests of keeping this blog PG, it’s close enough).
They have released the latest Raspberry Pi 3 and guess what, it has Wifi and Bluetooth Low Energy built in……. Yah!
Not only, but also, it now gets a 64 bit quad core CPU ticking over at around 1.2GHz. Still only 1Gb of RAM, but eh, the connectivity, same footprint and much the same price almost make up for it.
In case you are wondering (I know you were), it is still crippled with piping the Ethernet through the USB bus, so it is still pretty slow, but again, what you are going to be using this thing for, I really don’t think that matters in real life.

Am I buying one? Sure. Haven’t as yet, it would be overkill for an airplane tracker setup, so I don’t have a use for one just yet, but rest assured, there are more than one of these guys in my future.

The reviews are sounding really good, people are saying you can, for the first Pi time, actually use this one as a computer. I would love to build a tablet with one of these at the heart. Could be really useful.

There are a ton of links for more info, but here is a less techy one;

Raspberry Pi 3 Launches — 50% Faster, With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth And An Eye On IoT