Get to sleep faster with an app

In a future blog post I plan to review some of the data that my wrist worn fitness tracker has been providing now that I have been wearing it for a few months.
In the meantime, I came across this app and while I have not tried it, it sounds pretty interested and I have downloaded it want to give it a go….

Just to be clear, this is a website that posts stuff the guy finds useful.
Of course, you may or may not agree….

The tool helps me get to sleep faster than I normally would. It also helps me get to sleep at odd times. I’m an emergency pediatrician who work shifts. Sometimes I need to sleep in the afternoon to prepare for a shift even if I don’t feel tired. The other sleep apps are all pretty much the same: They deliver white noise, music, other sounds, or meditation. There’s nothing special about that. None of them implements “the cognitive shuffle” (or SDI, serial diverse imagining).

mySleepButton is truly unique. It’s based on cognitive science. This smartphone app (Android, OS X) reads you a word or phrase, one at a time, and gets you to visualize each one for 5-10 seconds. Each word or phrase is very different from the previous one. It might get you to imagine a pear, a lamp shade, a rock, fishing, trying on hats, skiing, whatever. This is meant to imitate and induce the first stage of sleep (“N1″), where your mind drifts from one “random” thing to another. The app keeps my mind off of daytime issues. And it just knocks me out.

You can find links to the app on both the iTunes and Google Play store from this page here;

It’s three bucks on Google, so I have not pulled the triggure yet… I have zero trouble falling asleep, I get a solid 1-2 hours, but then wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep.
I don’t want an app that makes a lot of noise and thus wake up Freddy, and I am not sure about sleeping with headphones on, have tried that and while it sorta works, I usually wake up with a sore ear after sleeping on my earbud and I don’t want to invest in a set of sleepable earbuds….

Anyway, just thought it interesting enough to post here.