Smart clothes peg

We interrupt this series of very important vodka and movie blog posts to throw this bit of tech news at you…. Yes, it’s an IoT thing. Again.

This just cracked me up in all sorts of ways.

The latest attempt to make a household object smarter is Peggy, a connected clothes peg by Australian detergent company OMO. A few basic components sit inside its orange shell, including a thermometer, UV sensor and humidity detector. These track the weather outside and, in the case of impending rain, trigger timely alerts to your phone over WiFi. So if the clouds roll in and you’re busy with something else — maybe you’re out of the house, but someone else is indoors — you won’t be left with soggy washing.

I love it. Totally nuts, and the cool thing is, because its Australian, they know it’s silly and they don’t care. No fragile egos here Chopper.

Even the video caused a huge smile over me ugly mug.

A smart clothes peg to get your kids down the beach or playing cricket!
It clearly is one of those things that you never knew you needed, but can’t live without….. Seriously though, it looks like a nice UI on the smartphone side of things and they add value with the estimated drying time.

No word on the battery life. If they made it just a little bigger on the top and shoved a solar panel on there, they might not have had to worry about that aspect of it, but then again, that would put the price up (no word on that either).

Also loving the fact that the temperature is in celsius.

Why so funny for me? Because clothes lines (here in SolCal, in most HOA’s) are illegal. Thats right, you are not allowed to hang your clothes out to dry in the convertible capital of the world. Mild temperatures and low humidity all day, every day, all year around, and no, don’t be using the sun to get that beautiful fresh dry clothes… Nope, shove it in the gas/electric tumble dryer, run up your power bill and beat the crap out of your clothes is the only way over yonder pond.

Smart clothes peg? Shut up and take my money!