Movie – Hateful Eight

We are pretty big Quentin Tarantino fans. Pretty sure we have seen everything he has done. We own a few of them as well…. Stands to reason than that as soon as Redbox had this one, we grabbed it.

What can I say…. It is text book Quentin. Lots of dialog, insanely beautiful shots, loads of blood and brain splatter and more dialog.
The whole thing is basically shot in one room, it just totally relies on Quentin’s amazing camera work and the actors to carry their characters (which, they all do a very clean job).

All that said with gushing praise, we won’t be buying it. At three hours long it drags just a little too much for us.
If you are a fan, you will see it. If you are not a fan, you will know what you are getting yourself into.

3.75 / 5