Ron Allum

Its a bit old, but I just came across this write up of Ron…. Thought it to be really well done and so here it is.

He is described as a bush mechanic but a marine mechanic is perhaps more fitting: an Aussie with a love of the world beneath the ocean’s surface and a natural knack for problem solving.

It goes on from there, not a huge read, I think its worth your time.

I shared a cabin with Ron for the whole Deepsea Challenger Expedition. While it would have been great to get to know him better, we just were both so busy with our jobs, it just was not possible…. We often would go days without much more than a single hi, or bye, often at 2am…. Of course we spoke a lot while on the job, but it was very matter of fact, get the job done and often technical talk.

All that said, I have a huge amount of respect for Ron. Very down to earth and humble guy.
Don’t know him well, but proud to say I know him.