The world’s best or most honest job description?

Leave it to the Australians?
I had to smile for several different reasons when I read this one.

Posted on the job-hunting website Seek, the ad from recruiters Just Digital People refuses to gild the lily on the lack of glamour that the role holds, instead asking for some who can “grease the wheels of capitalism with your tears, secure in the knowledge that we will pay you handsomely for your soul”.
In addition to seeking a candidate who can “top every development horror story at LAN parties”, the job description also requires proficiency in languages such as .NET, JavaScript, VBScript, COBOL, Managed COBOL. Oh, and “a numbness to the absence of excellence”.

Wow, there are some really sweet quotes in that block…. ‘grease the wheels of capitalism with your tears’, ‘pay you handsomely for your sole’….. ‘a numbness to the absence of excellence’…. what a cracker of a job.
I think you would at least have a clue what you are walking into with this one.

The thing is though, even with all that, would you still know what you are getting into? Really? I think while a job can be like the list of code they list, very hard and fast, the reality is it is always more complex than just a list of requirements.
Quick example, I joined up at Opto and started in sales. Pretty much on the phone and handling emails. Ok, so that’s the description, I check all those boxes, no biggie right?
I went from a basement on my own to a cubicle farm with a bunch of happy bubbly chatty co-workers…. Yeah, so…I mean, even if you had told me that up front, I would have shrugged my shoulders and moved the conversation on. Big mistake. This aspect turned out to be one of the hardest parts of the job.
Another tough one was also unexpected… the diversity of accents in this country is astounding. Every time the phone rang I shuddered, not knowing if I was going to simply struggle to understand the caller, or really struggle to understand them.

Anyway, long waffle is long. My point is, I had to smile at their honesty, but I wonder if they were honest enough?