Privacy is an illusion

Facebook is in and out of hot water with its facial recognition capabilities.
The Russians on the other hand, they are a little more easy going, their main social media app is open about how good its facial recognition abilities are.

One Russian photographer decided to test it out…..

….he took photos of about 100 strangers on the subway. “The people did not react in any way,” said Egor, “although I was quite obviously photographing them.”

Then came the main step. He put his photos into an app called FindFace to see if it could identify the people he had taken pictures of on Russia’s main social media site VKontakte. Long story short: the app did VERY well.

He was easily able to identify 70% of the people he photographed…

That’s it in a nutshell. When you are on a public street, you have no rights to privacy. So he took some photos. The popular name for this sort of thing is ‘street photography’. It is very common over here (I have had my photo taken from cars on both the Goldwind and the Smart), not sure how it’s going in Australia, seems to be easy going in Mother Russia.

Long story short? If you care about privacy, stay off the internet. Totally.
Like, unplug. Oh, and get rid of your credit card. Cash only. And forget about a bank loan…. You get the idea.