Busy month ahead

If ever there was a perfect social storm, this month is it….
Just a heads up that it will be a little (Ok, a lot) quite on the blog front for the next, oh, 5-6 weeks….

We have all the sales guys from around The States and indeed, the world, coming to Opto for a week long meeting starting this Monday.
There is a full schedule of events, presentations, workshops and functions.
Once that is done, we have a special church function all day Sunday (yes, back to back with the usual church stuff on Saturday).
Then, first thing Monday, we pack our clothes and camera gear and drive up to a town just south of Fresno with some guys from the office and record a video case study over the next 3 days. There is a large Orchard up there that uses our gear to store the fruit for up to 8 months in special controlled atmosphere environments (low oxygen, high nitrogen and very cold).
We get back late Wednesday night.
First thing Thursday morning, we have our usual monthly training class to give to 10 students.
Always come out of that totally exhausted even when I have a 3 day lead up to prepare for it…. Of course that pre-quiet time is not going to happen this time…..
Thankfully we then get a few days of frantic catch up in the office, but then on the last Monday of the month, it’s repack all the video gear and head south to Vista to shoot another case study at a City that uses Opto to control all their water distribution. That will run 2-3 days.

That is one very full month…..that’s a whole lot of social interaction and disrupted routine…..
All of which means, no blog for you lot!

In other news, I have done all the processing and sorting of the Canyon photos, so we just have to find the words in my head in and amongst the noise that is up there and you shall have your trip report….. Just don’t bug me about it… I will be on the edge enough as it is!!!!