Conargo pub lost to fire

Matt B just tipped me off via Skype, the Conargo pub as been destroyed in a fire overnight!!!!!

One of the Riverina’s most iconic pubs, the Conargo Hotel, has been destroyed by fire.

Rural Fire Service crews were called to the village north of Deniliquin on Tuesday night, but when they arrived the pub was “fully involved with fire”.

Crews first arrived at 9.30pm, and set to work on the Mackenzie Street hotel.

An update on the NSW Rural Fire Service Facebook page at 10.15pm confirmed the pub was lost to the blaze.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire.

Such an amazing place with a long history. It sure will be missed by thousands of people.
No word yet as to if it will be rebuilt, or on the cause of the fire.

A ‘Conargo Pub’ sticker was on my to-get list, and I made the trip to the pub in 2006 to pick one up.
As luck would have it, the pub was shut that day – The one day a week it is normally shut – I think it was a Thursday.
So, I got a photo of the old Goldwing out the front, and moved on – making a mental note to drop past some time in the future and get me one of those sought after stickers!
Guess the price of them just went up, and I will have to sadly cross that one off my list.

Anyway, just thought I would share the sad news with you, it touched me all the way over here. Glad I went past and got the photo.