Shooting car commercials with a fake car

Now days, it seems like it is cheaper, faster and more likely that a car commercial will be shot using a fake car…. The same car. For all car commercials. No really.

The Blackbird

They ‘simply’ have made a generic, do it all car, and they use it with a bunch of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).

Who knew.

The tech is impressive. No question. Both the car, but also the way they map the car in the virtual environment and then skin the car with whatever body panels they need.
I also found the remark that they often video the commercial before the actual car is ready to be released.

When you sit and watch a movie, you sort of expect that something in the movie will be fake. To the point where you hit play and then remind yourself that you are about to see something that is totally faked.
Seems that attitude and approach should also apply to TV commercials…. Bleh. Where is the truth?