WeatherUnderground website

More to come, but I am doing a little more with some weather websites.
The two I am focused on is WeatherCloud and WeatherUnderground.
This is my station on WeatherCloud
This is my station on WeatherUnderground
(At the time of this blog, I still am awaiting approval on my allsky astronomy webcam, should be up by the end of the week I hope).Weather station for weatherunderground

WeatherUndground gets my money

At this stage I am leaning toward using wUnderground a bit more.
I have paid the 10 bucks a year to remove ads from their apps on my devices and web, so it’s nice and clutter free viewing the weather.

WeatherUnderground also have a pretty nice API (computer interface) that I will be doing more with in groov as soon as I get some time.

The thought is to make custom weather dashboards in groov for each of my locations of interest. ‘Computers’ (Phones, iPods, iPads, Tablets, Phablets, pretty much anything that can display a webpage) are becoming cheaper and more abundant to the point where they can be used to display a single page. The thought is to have one in the house/kitchen that displays some weather data.
WeatherUndergound have an iPad only app that does this, but it is white, with no black/dark screen option, also their weather camera update is broken, so I figure I would redo it in groov. Build it just the way I want it.

As usual, it’s all a work in progress….. So yeah, heads up Gary, we will be putting your station under the microscope! (Tom, we know your stuff is reliable, you are off the hook for now).

Edit: Gary and Tom, you guys should consider pushing your data to WeatherUnderground as well. No one in your area is doing it…..